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Experience the famous BBQ table top grilling and other authentic Korean entree dishes here at BBQ Garden. Our private rooms and tables are specially designed for you and your friends to enjoy on-the-spot table top grilling, where hot charcoal is placed in the steel cooktop, built into the table for you to grill platters of fresh sliced beef, chicken and/or seafood. Once cooked to your liking, let your taste buds do the rest! Each meal comes with 6 to 8 freshly prepared side dishes free of charge so you can experience all of Korea’s flavors. Chef Kim is always ready to delight with ​a range of savory traditional Korean entrees.​ Regardless of which path you take, the delightful culinary experiences are endless here at BBQ Garden.


What is

Korean table top grilling?

Korean table top grilling is method of cooking beef, fish or chicken on gas or charcoal grills built into the dining table itself.


1. For charcoal grilling, hot coals are brought out and placed in a table top steel grill.

2. Your choice of protein is served fresh, uncooked on platters.

3. Place the protein on the center of the grill to begin cooking.

4. Once grilled to your liking, enjoy!

What can

I grill at bbq garden

The BBQ Garden menu offers an extensive selection of Korean meat dishes as well as beef, pork, chicken and seafood for grilling. Galbi ​(thinly sliced marinated beef short rib) and ​Bulgogi​ (tender sliced beef, marinated with our signature sauce) are must-try fan favorites. In addition to our famous table top barbecue experience, Chef Kim serves up a range of savory traditional Korean entrees, which he personally prepares from scratch daily. Our lively and attentive staff are just a smile away to offer guidance with your meal and ensure that your experience is nothing but the best – but if you’re looking for a little more privacy, just shut the room doors and ring the bell when you’re ready for some help.


Tel: 713-461-9494

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